COLOURS OF LOVE - Birthstone Bangle

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Create your own personalized bangle with the colors of your loved ones. Each birthstone symbolizes a loved one, making this bangle the perfect family jewelry and birth keepsake.
Your unique birthstone color code makes this piece of jewelry one of a kind.

Mein persönliches "Push Present" das ich zur Geburt meines ersten Sohnes kreiert habe. Ein hochwertiges Schmuckstück das sich ideal mit anderen Armketten oder Armreifen kombinieren lässt, jedoch durch seine persönliche Note, die Geburtssteine abhebt. Die Steine können jederzeit erweitert werden bei mehr Nachwuchs. So trage ich meine geliebte Familie immer sichtbar bei mir. 

– massives 18k Gelbgold, Champagnergold, Weissgold
– Breite ca 4.1 mm, Höhe 2.3 mm
– Schnappverschluss mit Sicherheitsacht
– jederzeit erweiterbar durch mehr Steine oder einzelne Steine können ausgetauscht werden
– Geburtssteine in der Reihenfolge links nach rechts angeben
– inkl. GISELLE Zertifikat

– natürliche Edelsteine (Geburtssteine) wähle bis zu 5 Stück
– weisse Diamanten ca 0.10 ct in TW/VS Qualität

Dieser Armreif wird speziell für Dich auf Bestellung angefertigt. Daher bitten wir um 3-6 Wochen Geduld.

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Our high quality genuine jewelry deserves careful care. To ensure its longevity, please follow these care instructions:

- Place your jewelry on a soft fabric surface before going to bed to avoid tangles and scratches.

- Take off your jewelry before daily activities such as showering, putting on lotion, applying perfume, exercising, or washing dishes.

- For a gentle clean, we recommend you use a soft toothbrush with mild detergent and use it to gently clean the metal and diamonds.

- Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning.

- Never clean semi-precious stones or pearls with chemicals, abrasives or solvents.

- Avoid contact of your jewelry with alcohol and chlorine, as these substances can permanently damage the precious metal.

Each of your prized possessions has its own story and your jewelry is no exception. Take good care of it and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Our Bespoke - Service combines your creative vision with my expertise to create a custom piece of jewelry, engagement ring or wedding ring entirely according to your wishes.

Project budgets from 4k. Turnaround time for custom fabrications: approx. 4-12 weeks.

Make an appointment to begin your personal design journey today.

Price is determined by the diamonds/gemstones, precious metal and ring size selected

Colours of love

Color codes of love

Create your personalized piece of jewelry with the colors of your loved ones. Each birthstone symbolizes a loved one, making this the perfect family jewelry and birth keepsake.
Your unique birthstone color code makes this jewelry piece one of a kind.

When colors tell stories

Dive into the world of Colours of LOVE, where emotions blossom in colors. A dance of birthstones, a play of colors of love, an individual piece of jewelry that tells your story.

Let yourself be seduced by luminous gemstones that shine like sparkling stars in the sky. Each stone a symbol of connection,
each color code a declaration of love to a person.

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A well-designed piece of jewelry is a work of art with a designer's signature. Unfortunately, you can find on the market almost only generic models from the computer. One resembles the other and the piece of jewelry often looks "artificial".

In my jewelry creations, I place the highest value on the smallest details such as the balance between the stones, the almost organic shapes of the metal and in the end a sensual overall picture. It is not uncommon for me to correct a design several times until it reaches perfection. There is a part of me in each of my creations.

Most of all, my clients see this passion in our Bespoke projects. There, my customers get to experience and determine the process firsthand.

Swiss Quality

our promise

Not only the design, but also the manufacturing makes the difference. Founder Giselle was born and raised in Zurich. As a perfectionist, the highest quality is standard for her. We use only high quality materials, work with certified foundries and in our Zurich manufactory, the jewelry is made by experienced goldsmiths in elaborate handwork. A difference you will see and feel.

Besides our own manufactory in Zurich, GISELLE also works with family-run manufactories in Europe (Italy, Germany, Portugal). Each design requires its own expertise and manufacturing. Giselle looks for the right manufactory for every idea.

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