Heritage_Antike Diamanten Eine Auswahl unserer antiken Diamanten, jedes Stück ein Unikat mit seiner eigenen faszinierenden Geschichte by Giselle Jewelry

Antique diamonds

Treasures from the past

They sparkle slower, deeper and warmer than today's cut diamonds. It almost seems as if the light makes the stones shine instead of reflecting.

GISELLE goes on a treasure hunt to find the most beautiful antique stones for you. They are even rarer than today's diamonds. A true treasure to be found.

antique diamonds
Heritage collection

the antique diamonds carry the echo of a bygone era. These historic treasures bear the hallmarks of their respective masters' artistry and, when lit by candlelight, unfold a magical sparkle that brings back to life the romance of times long past. Here you will find pieces of jewelry that not only represent exquisite craftsmanship, but also whisper stories that touch the heart. Each one of them a unique piece.

Heritage_Antike Diamanten_Verlobungsringe 1 Karat Old Mine Cut by Giselle Jewelry

We find her antique diamond

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Antique diamonds have been cut entirely by hand, giving them a unique character and charm. The larger facets create a softer, blocky sparkle as opposed to the intense bling of a modern cut diamond. In addition, each antique diamond carries with it a unique history, as a relic of the past.

An antique diamond represents a connection to history, unique beauty and sustainability. They are also highly prized for their rarity and handcrafted quality, offering a unique and unparalleled sparkle.

Similar to modern diamonds, the quality of an antique diamond is judged by four criteria: Color, clarity, carat and cut. However, due to their handcrafted nature, there may be subtle differences in cut that add to their unique charm and character.

An antique diamond was actually handcrafted between 1500 and 1930, while an "antique style" diamond is a modern diamond that has been cut to look like an antique diamond. Genuine antique diamonds possess an unparalleled beauty and history that modern "antique style" diamonds cannot replicate.

Yes, since antique diamonds have already been mined and cut, they contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for further mining. They are an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious buyer.

Antique diamond engagement rings should be professionally cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that the diamond is secure in the setting. At home, you can clean your ring with warm water, mild soap and a soft toothbrush. It is also advisable to take the ring off during physical activities to avoid damage.

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