A question that many women ask themselves. A pair of diamond stud earrings are, after all, one of the classics in a jewelry box. Often an ideal gift for the 18th birthday, wedding or birth of a child. But what size and quality should you invest in?

As a passionate jewelry designer, I asked myself exactly this question and set out to find my personal recommendation for you.

I am often asked by my customers for the perfect "lady" diamond stud earring size. They should be large, beautifully sparkling stud earrings, but still not too big to wear every day and not too ostentatious, so as not to seem almost "cheap" again.
The perfect "Classy Lady Size" size that will make even a t-shirt look elegant and a mom can safely wear on the playground with the kids.

What is the perfect diamond stud earring size?

When we talk about this size, it is clearly the 0.75 ct per stone size. An absolute stylish eye-catcher that exudes pure elegance and class. If the budget is not enough or they seem a little too big for the wearer, it is the 0.50 ct per stone.

What is the perfect diamond stud earrings quality?

Perhaps you have heard the term "stud ear quality" before? Diamonds worn on the ear are often recommended to be purchased in a lower quality than on the finger. The reason... the stones are viewed from a distance, are often covered by the hair and often anyway not well cleaned by the wearer.
So you often see diamond stud earrings in a quality of J / M color and even a purity of pique quality. In my eyes, one has no real joy in such a diamond quality! The loss of brilliance is too great!

My recommendation for the perfect diamond stud quality in price / performance

There should never be a cut in the brilliance (in the cut). But in terms of clarity, a Si1 is quite sufficient and even recommended. And now comes the interesting part...
Diamond prices are calculated according to rarity. But there are many Si1 diamonds in all colors. So the price difference between a "D" and an "F" is hardly relevant! Only when we go higher in clarity, the rarity increases and therefore the color becomes more important.
For this reason I think it is a wrong investment to choose a medium color for a Si1 quality in this size (as in "G"). Then better to invest in a "D" right away or to benefit from a lower price in "H" (still appears white).
After all my research for the perfect diamond stud earrings quality, the only thing missing was the design of the stud earrings. Since every woman has her personal style, I would like to present these "Classy Lady Size" diamonds in 3 different settings.
Which of the three diamond stud settings appeals to you the most?

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