When I create my Christmas wish list, I always feel like I did when I was a kid! And that's exactly how you should feel every Christmas.

For my wish list, I always look for ideas that have been resting in my heart for a long time. They should be timeless classics that I can enjoy for many years. For example, the black cashmere sweater that I have worn for years and always think of my mother when I put it on.
Since I became a mother myself I notice that my style has changed a bit. I feel that certain clothes are no longer coherent. Maybe too sexy? For my "new" style I am looking for the right balance between elegance, classy & feminine. Not prudish, but not sexy to the extent I used to be. To implement some style ideas but I still lack the necessary basic's. Since Christmas comes but as called...


In addition, every Christmas I think about a special jewelry wish to myself. This year, in keeping with classic mommy style, I'm wishing for the most perfect diamond stud earrings I can imagine. And when I say perfect, I mean the perfect balance of pure elegance, luxury and price/performance. In my eyes, 0.50 ct and 0.75 ct are the ideal size for a stylish yet glamorous look. Not too big but not too small either. Everything about finding the perfect diamond stud earrings quality and design you can find here...

Matching is a stylish belt, shoes and a new perfume that my partner may choose for me. I am already looking forward to the surprise.

What do you think about my list of Timeless Basics?

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