Mom's beach bag: must-haves for a perfect day by the water

As a mom, I know that preparation is key to a successful and stress-free day, especially when it comes to beach days. In my beach bag, I have a few essentials that will make a day at the water a memorable one for my whole family.

Baby beach gear: protection and play

One of the most important things I always carry is baby sunscreen. It's important that my baby's sensitive skin is always protected. At this age (15 months), I forgo sunscreens and rely on UV clothing instead. Fortunately, my son naturally has the best sun protection, namely his tanned skin.

Kind UV Schutz Schwimmanzug See Strand Sand Meer

Play & Fun

I also always have some toys with me to keep my little one entertained at the beach. Currently, the shovel, bucket and watering can are all high on the list.

Snacks and hydration: energy for the whole day.

I always make sure I have enough snacks and water to last me throughout the day. It's important to stay hydrated and have enough energy to enjoy the day. The baby cooler bag is perfect for this.

Beach gear for mom: for comfort and relaxation.

In addition to baby items, I also have a few things for myself in my beach bag. This includes my matcha, a large beach towel, and of course my sunglasses. It's important that I can also relax and enjoy the day. Watching my son play and just letting my mind wander.

A touch of elegance

Even though I'm a mom most of the time, I'm still a woman who likes to dress up. I like to wear a light linen dress that protects me from the sun and that I feel comfortable in, despite my extra kilos from pregnancy. I combine it with my favorite GISELLE jewelry pieces and my beloved silk ribbon for hair, which add a personal touch to my look.

Conclusion: enjoy the day

With the right preparation and items in my beach bag, I can be sure that my day by the water will be a complete success. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, relax and spend quality time with my family.

I hope these tips will help other moms plan and enjoy their perfect beach day. Whether you're a seasoned beach goer or a newbie, the right preparation can make a big difference. So pack your beach bag and enjoy the day!

Strand Picknick Mami Kind See Sand

Mami elegant Sonne Strand Meer See Kind

French Market Bakset - als Strandkorb

Ein zeitloser Klassiker. Ich liebe meinen French Market Basket. Egal ob ich auf den Markt einkaufen gehe, oder mit meinen Sohn an den See schwimmen. Der Korb sieht weiblich, elegant aus, ist pflegeleicht und sehr geräumig. Ein Must-Have für jede stilsichere Mami. ab 27.- EUR

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Die entzückende Kelly Snack Tasse macht das bequeme Naschen einfach und Erwachsene für einen Moment entbehrlich.


ideal für nach dem Baden. Sobald er aus dem Wasser kommt liebe ich es meinem Sohn sofort den Poncho umzustülpen. Schnell eine frische Windel angezogen und fertig ist das Wohlgefühl. Dann wird zusammen gekuschelt und etwas genascht.

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