A true bijou that will enhance any of your outfits in an instant and add a touch of feminine elegance. Almost as hard to get as a Kelly bag, but with a little perseverance it will definitely work.

A gorgeous belt made from Epsom calfskin and the legendary Kelly lock. A clever sliding system allows the belt to adjust in size in an elegant way. It can be easily worn on the waist or hips. How ingenious...

In my eyes, there are numerous affordable dresses that can be enhanced with just such a gorgeous accessory. I thought long and hard about whether to treat myself to a belt for 920.-, is it worth the money? In any case! Den he can be best combined with almost all dresses and will still be beautiful and unique in 20 years. You therefore get a lot of "wearing days" out of it and is therefore in my eyes worth the investment in any case.

Hermes Kelly Gürtel Belt Tasche

Before a purchase I like to think in how many wearing days I will get out of an item. How often will I probably wear/combine it and where does that leave the value per wear day. In this case we are at under 1.- cost per wear day.

When I bought it, I also had a few pounds (from pregnancy) too much on my ribs. Since it is adjustable (from 60 cm-100 cm) I will be able to wear it now and later without any problems. Ideal for women in the Mamialter where the pounds can fluctuate from top to bottom.

I personally think he can be combined most beautiful with dresses, and even over a coat. I like the look less on jeans.

Ein wahres Bijou, dass jedes deiner Outfits in Handumdrehen aufwertet und einen Hauch von femininer Eleganz verleiht.

Hermes Kelly Gürtel Belt Tasche

Hermes Kelly Gürtel Belt Tasche

How do you succeed in buying a Kelly 18 belt?

A few times I went to the Hermes store and asked for it. It seemed impossible to get one. So I continued my search online, because there you have the opportunity to benefit from the International assortment. There is always "a version" of the Kelly 18 belt online, but mostly not in my hot desire of an Epsom Gold & Gold Hardware (or Rose Gold). I checked the assortment daily and twice it was even available! However, it didn't work out with the checkout because someone was faster than me! So you really have to hurry. After checking the stock countless times, it worked on the 3rd try. I had the Bijou sent to the Hermes Store in Zurich and was happy about a pickup in a few days.

The nice saleswoman told me that this is the best way to get such a belt. In the store it is really almost hopeless.

I hope this post has inspired you? How do you like the Kelly 18 belt?
I look forward to your comments...

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