As a new mom and jewelry designer, there are moments when I feel torn between my work and the time I would like to spend with my little treasure. On my way home after a long day at the studio, I saw the flower "Forget-Me-Not" blooming in front of our house and was touched by a deep inspiration to immortalize this beautiful meaning & sentiment in a jewelry collection.

The delicate diamond flowers of the new jewelry collection "Forget-me-not" are a tribute to this enchanting flower. Like the forget-me-not flower that retains its luminous splendor despite adverse conditions, these jewelry pieces symbolize eternal love and attachment to our loved ones.

The "Forget-me-not" stud earrings are like small flowers that gently caress the ear and are set with sparkling diamonds. They remind us that our love and presence is always with our loved ones, no matter where we are. The matching "Forget-me-not" necklace is truly a masterpiece that touches the heart.

Roses, tulips, carnations, all flowers wilt. Except the one that doesn't, this one is called Forget-me-not. (a well-known favorite saying of my grandma).

Forget me not diamond studs diamant ohrstecker vergissmeinnicht

When I designed these jewelry pieces, I was inspired by the meaning of the Forget-Me-Not flower, also known as the flower of fidelity and eternal remembrance. It is a symbol of love that reminds us that our loved ones are always in our hearts, even when we are physically separated. This jewelry is an expression of care, affection, femininity and a promise that we will always be with our loved ones, even in difficult times.

If I had a little daughter, I would give her this special necklace so she knows that mom is always with her wherever she goes.

Two little flowers bloom on a meadow, one red, the other blue. The blue one said: "Forget-me-not", the red one said: "I love you".

The jewelry collection is not only of sentimental value, but also of the highest quality. The carefully selected diamonds and traditional craftsmanship make these jewelry pieces a true jewel that will last a lifetime. Each piece of jewelry is crafted with love and care in our Zurich atelier to make its wearer shine and feel very special.

Love is by far the most precious jewel

It is my heart's desire that the "Forget-me-not" jewelry pieces not only shine outwardly, but also awaken a deeper meaning within you. May they help you express your love and connection to your loved ones, whether as a gift for a birthday, wedding or special occasion. Because the true beauty of jewelry is not only in the shine of the stones, but also in the meaning and emotions it awakens in us. Never forget that true beauty comes from within and that love is the most precious jewel we have.

May the "Forget-me-not" collection help you express your love in a unique way and connect your hearts forever.

With love


Forget me Not - Ohrstecker

Traumhaft funkelnde Pear Cut Diamanten bilden die wunderschönen Blüten ähnliche Ohrstecker. In einer eleganten Grösse die ein atemberaubendes Funkeln garantieren.

Forget me Not - Halskette

Die funkelnden Pear Cut Diamanten bilden eine sanfte Hommage an die symbolkräftige Blume, das "Vergissmeinnicht". Eine zierliche Halskette in einem edlen, romantischen Look.

French market basket

Ein zeitloser Klassiker. Ich liebe meinen French Market Basket. Egal ob ich auf den Markt einkaufen gehe, oder mit meinen Sohn an den See schwimmen. Der Korb sieht weiblich, elegant aus, ist pflegeleicht und sehr geräumig. Ein Must-Have für jede stilsichere Mami.


Die Luxusversion des herkömmlichen "French Market Baskets". Hergestellt aus den feinsten Materialen in England. Der Korb wird von Hand aus Seegras geflochten. Ein wahres Prachtwerk.

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