A classic that belongs in every lady's jewelry box. The selection on the market is huge, the differences seem small. But the devil is in the details. Gladly I give you as a jewelry design & diamond expert my personal opinion, how you can find the perfect tennis bracelet and check it for its quality.

In my eyes, a tennis bracelet is the ideal gift for a loved one or as a milestone to yourself. It is very valuable, absolutely timeless, shows good taste and can be combined with any style. A tennis bracelet combines elegance with sportiness, enhancing any outfit. The classic tennis bracelet was originally called "Eternity Bracelet". This is because its design consists of a sparkling and flexible sequence of diamonds that have no beginning and no end. For this reason, the design is readily associated with eternal love and is therefore a popular gift for men to give to their wives.

The story behind the name "Tennis Bracelet".

It was not until 1987, when the famous professional tennis player Chris Evert lost her said "Eternity Bracelet" on the tennis court during the final round in the US Open (no wonder), and thus the entire match had to be interrupted until it was found again, that the jewelry design got its name "Tennis Bracelet". Chris Evert Tennis Armband Bracelet US Open

Why does a tennis bracelet belong in every lady's jewelry box?

It is clearly an investment, but one that is well worth it. A diamond bracelet enhances any outfit, can be worn every day and will never go out of style. Considering how many days you will wear the jewelry, the investment per "wear day" (costs per wear) seems very small. Plus, it makes a great gift to "pass down one day" to your daughter or granddaughter.

Diamant Tennis Armband Classic Elegant

Diamant Tennis Armband Diamond Tennis Bracelet best quality

Which design and diamond size is right for me?

Everyone may have an individual taste. But in my eyes, a tennis bracelet should be one thing above all, feminine. Of course, it must be solidly processed, so that it has the necessary stability. However, you should not necessarily be allowed to see the metal, otherwise it looks too masculine and coarse in my eyes.

Just as tastes differ, everyone has a different preference regarding diamond size. A filigree tennis for a very discreet woman is around 1.6ct - 2ct. The "perfect" standard tennis is about 3ct. Not too big and not too small. 3ct is also considered a good starter size or 18th birthday gift.

If you want to combine the diamond bracelet with other jewelry like a bangle or other tennis, I think the ideal size is around 5ct - 6ct.
An 8ct tennis, for example, I would only wear for special moments because it is really a big size. From 10ct it is really a matter of taste. In my eyes, I would switch to an emerald cut at this carat size, which in my eyes makes a tennis bracelet elegant again even at this size.

Tennis bracelet settings?

- Crab setting is probably the best known and most sought after of the settings. It looks particularly elegant and classic. However, with poor workmanship, the crabs quickly feel like little pricks and carry the risk of pulling threads with cashmere & wool. Run your finger over the crabs and feel its workmanship carefully.

- Bezel setting is considered particularly safe because the diamonds are securely encased in the metal. It also makes the diamond appear larger. However, the design can quickly appear "chunky" and less elegant. Personally, I think it has a sportier look and so I would prefer this design in yellow gold / rose gold.

- Channel Setting, as the name suggests, the diamonds enclose in a channel at the top and bottom. This gives the tennis a straight look and also makes the diamonds look larger. Personally, I don't like this setting. It takes away the elegance and in my eyes is not suitable for round diamonds. However, it looks nice with Emerald & Princess cuts. With these cuts it is the right choice!

What should I look for in the quality of a tennis bracelet?

Of course, a tennis bracelet must look good, but much more important is its solid workmanship. If you save on the material (gold), you run the risk of the stones falling out or the tennis bracelet constantly breaking. Therefore, be sure to find a good ratio between gold weight and diamond carat. It must not be too light (this indicates machine-made).
Also check the individual links, does the bracelet flow nicely and flex? Look at the bracelet from the side.... are the stones in a straight line (not one set higher and the other lower)? And last but not least, check the clasp! Is it well made, and with some extra security.

What diamond quality is right for me?

The market standard is G / Si quality. Whereas I personally prefer a slightly higher color TW. Especially with a white gold setting, you can see the subtle difference here. Higher than that, you do not have to go with the color in my opinion. In terms of purity, you do well with a Si. Here you benefit from a much lower price. The difference is hardly visible to the naked eye, especially if the tennis is worn every day and over time skin and soap residues (regular cleaning is recommended).
However, at GISELLE we work with a VS quality as standard. As a diamond lover, I attach great importance to this quality. If you look at the two qualities VS / SI under the magnifying glass, you can see the striking difference. The VS quality looks perfect and pure, totally "crisp" and every single facet clearly visible, whereas the Si quality is riddled with inclusions. Even if the naked eye can't see it, I know what I'm wearing and this quality is important to me.

Why are the prices so different?

The material (diamond quality, gold weight) and the place of manufacture have a big impact on its price. Most tennis bracelets are now either made in Asia or even completely machine made using the latest techniques with as little gold as possible. At GISELLE we stand behind traditional Italian & Swiss craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. I stand behind fair prices because I don't want to skimp on quality.

Tennis Armband Diamant Armreif Dior Tasche

What makes a tennis bracelet from GISELLE so special?

The perfection lies in the attention to detail. I, Giselle, as a designer put a lot of time into our classics. For a long time I study what is important to me, what I like, what I would like to wear myself. After long studies I create our classics, because you should be perfect in every detail. I set my personal quality standards as a benchmark.
My tennis bracelets are despite massive processing very filigree and the diamonds are the focus. The precious metal is therefore in the background and give the sparkling diamonds in exquisite quality but the necessary support.

In addition, we offer our customers an individual consultation and the opportunity to create your tennis bracelet in the perfect quality for you. Individuality and our elegance make us so unique and special.


Classic Tennis Armband

Der Klassiker unter den Klassikern. Unser Tennis Armband hebt sich durch sein filigranes Setting von der Masse ab. Das Design wirkt besonders elegant und weiblich. Durch meine Liebe zum Diamant biete ich diesen Klassiker in unterschiedlicher Diamant Qualitäten & Grössen an.

DIANA Tennis Armband

Wunderschön und sehr massiv verarbeitet. Das Tennis Armband wirkt sehr gerade, trotz der Krabbenfassung und bekommt dadurch einen luxuriösen und glamourösen Touch.


Die Optik eines 3ct Tennis bieten wir auch mit verschiedenen Edelsteinen an. In wunderschönen Saphiren, Rubinen, Tsavoriten, braunen und schwarzen Diamanten. Dank traditioneller Handwerkskunst aus Verona Italien ist dieses Armband trotz seiner Zartheit massiv, stabil und perfekt ausbalanciert.

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