Mini ALLA 19 cm
Mini ALLA 19 cm
Mini ALLA 19 cm
Mini ALLA 19 cm

Mini ALLA 19 cm

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Ich brauche Hilfe

The delicate, strict lines of the Alla bag with its timeless A line shape from the side made this style famous, with its chic proportions.

True to it's spirit of functionality, the Alla stars into many roles, be it a classic hand held bag, a modern on the shoulder or as a sporty crossbody.

Color: Pink
Hardware Colour: Gold or Silver Hedgehog
Bag Size: 19cm
Strap Size: 100cm (Length) X 2cm (Width)
Species: Ostrich (Strauss)
Bag Dimension: 19cm (Length) X 5.5cm (Width) X 12.0cm (Height)

Your Ethan K leather good is a luxury creation, lovingly created with only the best leathers and needs special care to preserve its beauty. Proper care and simple gestures will go a long way!

Leather evolves, changes color, softens and often acquire a patina over time. It should be protected from humidity and prolonged exposure to direct sources of heat and light.

Remember to keep your bag in a dust bag to protect it from dirt and dust. It is important to make sure that the dust bag is not completely sealed to allow the leather to breathe.

It is not recommended to use commercial care products available on the market.

To maintain its shape over the years, it is important not to carry excessive loads in your bag and to remember to store your leather bag whilst maintaining its shape and contour. You can stuff your bag with a pillow or acid-free tissue paper to maintain its shape.

Avoid placing your bag in contact with rough or abrasive surfaces to avoid scratching your bag.

Remove surface dirt with a dry, clean cloth.

If the item is available in our boutique in Zurich, it can be shipped immediately.
Otherwise we ask for 4-8 weeks patience for production time.

If you want to know if a handbag is available immediately, please contact our customer service at

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Ethan K

"I have always been fascinated by not just the bags themselves, but also by their movement and the many ways of seeing and utilizing a bag. A luxury handbag evokes so much fantasy."

fourth generation
Meet Ethan k

Ethan's great-grandfather opened an exotic skin tannery in Singapore and since then, the family spans four generations, been the privileged custodians of a century-spanning dynasty of highly skilled Singaporean tanning artisans.

The production and craftsmanship of exotic skin has been running through the family's DNA. They take great pride in the fact that Ethan is the only designer of exotic skin handbags who has spent his formative years exploring this majestic, time-honored craft in a family-owned tannery.

Over the years, the members of the Koh family, have invented and pioneered countless unique processes for treating leather and exotic skin. Their exacting standards have unquestionably raised the bar for the entire industry.

For example, the revolutionary agate-polishing bombe shine technique was the first in the trade that could achieve a vivid spectrum of colors on the leather. This technique, so ahead of its time, would later prove to be a huge draw among Ethan K couture collectors.

Today, the same exacting eye for detail remains with every single Ethan K bag created, to ensure that each handbag is a one-of-a-kind work of art that the owner will always feel proud to carry.
In an increasingly serious world filled with never-ending challenges, we create our jewelry to bring pure happiness and lightness of being.

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Since it's founding in 2011, Ethan K has been a favorite with collectors, celebrities, and many illustrious artists, captains of industry, heads of state or royals have sported its works of art. The names of the leading personalities can be found in our archives as well, which keeps track of our notable orders.